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In 2020, I wrote my Master thesis for the Master of Aerospace Engineering (on the fascinating MMX mission which goes to one of the moons of Mars in 2024). Naturally, one wants to have clear and beautiful plots for such a personal work and academic achievement. In this short post, I outline how I approached this, and I share the code that I used to make all my plots in my thesis.

Example plot — some test results of my thesis.

Plotting tool

The scripts I used are found on Github:

To give some context: I had hundreds of tests with the same types of data, yet with different tests…

Frequently, I talk with family and friends about the cosmos, and I often try to explain the vastness of space through examples and analogies. I often have a hard time bringing this across clearly, as I am also struck with awe just thinking about the number of stars and planets and the sheer quantity of galaxies that can be found in the Hubble images. This blog is a place where I will write about the cosmos, space technologies and perhaps other subjects, with the goal of understanding the things I write about a little better.

In this particular post, I…

Harald Luiks

I write articles on space related subjects.

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